Workspace is at the heart of what we do. There are over forty studios at Poplar Works across two separate sites.

Our studios and workshops are welcoming, secure, and affordable. They come at a range of different sizes and prices, so whether you are looking for a studio to grow into, or you’re trying to move your business out of your living room, we will have a space to suit you.

A list of our studios is available below. A lot of the studios at Poplar Works are the same layout, with the same facilities. So to save you time, we have only listed the types of studios, rather than a full list of spaces. Once you’ve worked out which studio suits your needs then get in touch to find out about availability.

Poplar Works (workshops)

The workshops at Poplar Works are simple workspaces on Abbott Road. Directly neighbouring our main building, there are seven individual workshops, each with street access. All seven studios are a similar size, with enough space for 2-6 people depending on the amount of kit you bring with you. They all cost around £330 plus VAT.

  • Size: 244 - 250 sqft
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Poplar Works (ground floor)

The ground floor studios at Poplar Works are purpose built workspaces, designed for early stage fashion businesses. There are five ground floor studios, ranging in size from 114 to 257 sqft. The smaller studios are big enough for 1-2 people and cost around £255 + VAT per month. There is one larger studio that is big enough for 2-6 people and costs £560+VAT per month.

  • Size: 114 - 257 sqft
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Poplar Works (first floor)

The first floor studios at Poplar Works are purpose built workspaces. There are eight studios, which range from 190 to 298 sqft. These medium sized spaces should be big enough for 2-6 people, depending on the equipment you bring.
The smallest studio costs £450 per month plus VAT. There are 4 medium studios that cost around £600 plus VAT, and 3 larger studios that cost £680 + VAT.

  • Size: 191 - 298 sqft
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The Makery (workshops)

These low-cost workshops are simple workspaces, perfect for anyone moving into their first workspace or looking for somewhere to test new ideas and get messy.

There are twenty individual workshops, each with their own front door. There are three smaller workshops which cost around £160 per monht + VAT are perfect for 1-2 people. The remaining seventeen are larger spaces that can fit 2-6 people depending on the kit that you're bringing with you. These cost between £315 and £345 per month + VAT depending on the exact size.

  • Size: 126 - 264 ft2
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Apply for a studio

The first round of applications closed on November 18th. However, we would still encourage you to apply and we will get in touch as soon as the first round has been allocated.

Applications will be handled by The Trampery. Follow the link below to the application form.

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