How We Let Our Workpaces

Our studios are publicly funded, low cost workspaces aimed at supporting early stage fashion businesses to flourish. Whilst anyone is open to apply for a space, we have some basic criteria for businesses to ensure that we are supporting the local economy and entrepreneurs in the best way possible.

Our four criteria are listed below. They will be assessed by the Trampery when you apply for a workspace.

Connections to the local community
We don’t just want to ‘give something back’ – we want to be an active participant in the future of Poplar, and our members are an essential part of this. We will look at your connection to East London, and how you are / can evidence an ambition to be part of the neighbourhood. For example, you could run workshops, offer training or talks for others, or take on work experience placements. This is the most important factor in our decision making.

Entrepreneurial skills
We are looking for businesses and entrepreneurs that have a clear business plan, both in the short and long term. Do you have evidence of sales, marketing and partnerships? We are aware that businesses will be at different stages, and we are looking for ambition and awareness rather than hard figures. We will also want to know how you are expecting to pay for the studio rental fees.

We are committed to a sustainable fashion industry. We will consider the environmental, social and economic sustainability of your businesses. For example, do you use local manufacturing, and do you have a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. If you are employing staff then we will also be keen to hear of your employment policies and staff wellbeing.

Creative Talent
Finally, we will look for businesses with strong personality, executed with good technical skills. Are your products visually appealing and innovative?